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--Pharmaceutical Emulsifying Agents

--Pharmaceutical Encapsulation Aids

--Pharmaceutical Fillers

--Pharmaceutical Gums

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OTC and Rx Pharmaceutical Drug Formulation, Deformulation and Reverse Engineering Databases and Resources for Excipients, Functional Ingredients, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Raw Materials, Packaging, etc for pharmaceutical products such as parenterals, vaccines, tablets, capsules, suppositories, pills, ointments, lotions, gels, creams, coatings, etc. . p Formulate .com Founded by Pharmaceutical Formulation Scientist, Dr. Janice Cacace

p Formulate .com was developed by Pharmaceutical Formulation Scientist, Dr. Janice Cacace for addessing the specific needs, concerns and problems faced in formulation of pharmaceutical and other related products. It includes the following formulation databases and resources:

P formulate What? Basic pharmaceutical formulation (tablets, film coatings, capsules, lotions, ointments, soft-gels, gels, creams, solutions, etc.) including resources for OTC and Rx pharmaceutical excipients, API's, ingredients, packaging materials, equipment, development, technology transfer and manufacturing. Specific pharmaceutical formulation information such as gluten-free pharmaceutical formulations and formulation of pharmaceutical gums.

Pharmaceutical Excipients -- Pharmaceutical Database for excipients, properties, and suppliers of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients including gums, sweetners, coatings, binders, API's, disintegrants, lubricants, disintegration agents, suspending agents, solvents, colorants, glidants, anti-adherents, anti-static agents, surfactants, plasticizers, capsules, emulsifying agents, flavors, etc.

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Pharmaceutical Services --find information and access providers for Rx and OTC pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nutritional services and consultants.

Pharmaceutical Suppliers -- supplier profiles of pharmaceutical formulation API's, pharmaceutical active ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical packaging materials, and pharmaceutical equipment and be connected to their websites.

p Formulate .com Pharmaceutical Formulation Resources -- information and access to pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food information, links, case studies, questions and answers, tips, and articles such as pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical guidelines, pharmaceutical databases, etc..

p Formulate .com Pharmaceutical Formulation Questions and Comments -- p Formulate .com welcomes your suggestions, comments, or product requests for the pharmaceutical formulary of pharmaceutical, nutritionals, food, and cosmetics formulation and excipients database

About p Formulate .com -- p Formulate .com is owned and operated by Janice L. Cacace, Ph.D. Dr. Cacace is a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry with over 20 years of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research, development, formulation and manufacturing experience. In addition, to her lengthy Pharmaceutical Industry Experience, Dr. Cacace was an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University's School of Pharmacy.


Pharmaceutical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Excipient, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Pharmaceutical Testing and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Databases and Resources on the web!

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What is a Pharmaceutical Binder?

A binder is the substance that helps a tablet stay together after compression. Sort've like a glue that's added to help the individual powders stick together and compress better. Binders can be used dry for dry granulation and direct compression, or dissolved in water or a solvent for use in wet granulation.  

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